Im pregnant and I am in need of a working window unit to get through these hot days. Thank you for looking.
days agoBristol, VA+14 milesItems Wanted
I m looking forward a cash register in good working order It needs to be in good condition and if instructions with it even better Many thanks
My friend Danielle really needs a Washer and Dryer. She's a hardworking,single Mother of 3,who ismaking sure her children's needs are met,like housing and food but does not have any extra money in her budget to purchase a badly needed Washer and Dryer. She was renting a set from a Rent to own chain but couldn't afford to keep making the payments so she had to let them go back. Losing all the mo...
over a month agoBristol, VA+14 milesItems Wanted
Hi I'm looking for a squarish small/medium sized food away hobby table.
over a month agoJohnson City, TN+9 milesItems Wanted
Seeking old but good condition picture frames. don't care about the picture inside and the glass on the frame must be intact. Looking for 8x10s or maybe a step up or down in each size catagory.
over a month agoBristol, VA+14 milesItems Wanted
Hello, I have a standard wooden pull-down attic access door and ladder on which one of the ladder hinges has broken. And as much as I'd like to replace just that one (presuming I could even find them), I figure the whole thing is old and been used enough to do a full replacement of the ladder assembly. So I'm looking for a ladder assembly from a attic access door system. I'll even take the enti...
over a month agoBristol, VA+14 milesItems Wanted
I know this is a long shot but does anyone have a riding mower that needs a little work to make it usable I am disabled and a riding mower would help me out a lot .
over a month agoGate City, VA+20 milesItems Wanted
Just taking a shot with this. My husbands hours drastically got cut back in November and we were trying to tuff it out and hope it got better. Well it hasnt and it wont from what his boss said. Soooo now we are in need of some help for Christmas. Im not asking for cash or gift cards anything like that. Im meaning just toys, books, clothes, things like that for my boy...